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We have over 20 years of computer experience, topped with industry standard certifications, good old-fashioned customer service, and a 100% service repair guarantee. Don't just take our word for it: we have happy customers to back it up...

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Who is PC Ninja?

PC Ninja is an affordable computer service provider for home users and small businesses. Located in Wyomissing, we currently serve the Berks County, PA area.

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We live and breathe computers! We can help you with everything computer-related... setups, repairs, networking, custom computers, and more. Bring your computer to our shop, or let us come to you.

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Sure thing! If you have a sick or broken computer, need advice, need parts, are totally lost, need setups and networking, or would like a custom computer... give us a call!

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We trust that you'll be happy with our service. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Safe Browsing Tips & Things to Avoid

Safe Browsing Use At Your Risk

What’s safe to click on and what isn’t? Browsing the web requires wariness. Some customers feel like they can’t go anywhere or click on anything, and to a point, that’s true. You can’t safely click on just anything. It takes caution and common sense to make sure the links you visit are not riddled with […]

FollowUpThen: Email Reminders

FollowUpThen Homepage

Do you ever forget to remember what you’re supposed to do? Did you mark an email “important,” but you never got around to following up? There are myriad reminder apps and options to keep you on-task, and one we’ve had success with is FollowUpThen. FollowUpThen is a service (with free and paid versions) that works […]

Laptop Cases & Transport Tips

Laptop Cases

If you’re doing any traveling with your laptop this summer, or even if you’re just toting it between home and the office, keep it safe in transit. Often customers will come into the shop carrying a laptop in a regular backpack, cloth shopping tote, or plastic grocery bag, but these are not sufficient laptop cases […]

Cloud Backup: Smart Storage

Cloud Backup

What’s this cloud everyone’s talking about? How can photos and documents be stored in a misty vapor? Well, there’s a little more physicality to a cloud backup than that. The cloud is a term that the tech industry uses to refer to data centers all over the world that store information, which is accessible to […]

Security Questions: Choose Securely

Security Questions List 1

“What is the name of the street you grew up on?” “Who was your favorite high school teacher?” “What was the model of your first car?” These are examples of possible security questions, which are used in conjunction with passwords for online accounts. As you set up a new account, especially one that’s more sensitive, […]