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We have over 20 years of computer experience, topped with industry standard certifications, good old-fashioned customer service, and a 100% service repair guarantee. Don't just take our word for it: we have happy customers to back it up...

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Who is PC Ninja?

PC Ninja is an affordable computer service provider for home users and small businesses. Located in Wyomissing, we currently serve the Berks County, PA area.

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We live and breathe computers! We can help you with everything computer-related... setups, repairs, networking, custom computers, and more. Bring your computer to our shop, or let us come to you.

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Sure thing! If you have a sick or broken computer, need advice, need parts, are totally lost, need setups and networking, or would like a custom computer... give us a call!

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We trust that you'll be happy with our service. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Your computer needs some TLC


Computers are like cars, they need some TLC, maintenance and the periodic tuneups. Once it starts getting slow, sluggish and unusable, it might be one of two reasons 1) your computer needs a tune up 2) there is a problem with your physical computer hardware. Most times, it may need just a tune up. The […]

How long will my Microsoft Windows operating system be supported?

With all released Microsoft software, there is an official end date to when it is no longer supported. Microsoft breaks down the dates by “mainstream support” and “extended support”. What is the difference between “mainstream support” and “extended support”? “Mainstream support” means that 1) Microsoft will continue to enhance and add new features to the […]

Should I Get Windows 10?


Should I or should I not get Windows 10? That is the question. You may be aware that Microsoft has announced that on July 29, 2015, they will be launching the newest Windows operating system, Windows 10. Apparently, it is different enough from Windows 8.1 that they completely skipped a version 9 and are calling […]

Seven Signs to Spot Phone Tech Scammers


“I’m from Microsoft and I’m calling to let you know we detected some security risks on your computer.” Have you ever received a phone call that began with a line like that? Have you ever allowed a technician you didn’t know take control of your computer remotely? Scammers are running rampant right now, calling as […]

Introducing the Ninjamation Kids Camp 2015


Have you ever wondered how stop-animation movies are made? Now is your chance to use your creative talents and learn how to make one of your own! Campers will work in small, collaborative groups with a teacher to guide their planning and discovery. During the course of the week, campers will develop a storyboard, create […]