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Melvin Foo PC NinjaPC Ninja is owned and operated by Melvin Foo, a Chinese Malaysian with a broad and exceptional background. He was born in Singapore, and schooled there in elementary. He then went to high school in England (same high school as the future queen of England!), and attended university in Wales and England. After a short stint working in Australia, Melvin came to the USA to work for an engineering company in Cleveland, Ohio. Upon marrying a lovely woman from Berks County, Melvin moved back to her hometown of Reading in 2008, where he plans to happily remain with his wife and sons, saving the day for the computer owners in Berks as the PC Ninja. Melvin became a proud citizen of the United States in early 2015.

The source of knowledge is experience.
-Albert Einstein

Melvin’s interest in computers commenced at the age of eight, when, in the early ’80s, he and his sister received their first computer, which he began to tinker with right away. From that moment on, he knew he wanted to work with computers and has done so ever since. Before focusing on sales and repairs as PC Ninja, Melvin was as an engineer for a large corporation working with computers and computer networking.

With a Bachelor’s in Engineering and Master’s in Business, industry-standard computer certifications, and a wealth of experience, he has built a service company based on good, old-fashioned customer service and solid credentials.


  • PC Ninja shop and carThe PC Ninja mascot’s name is Kazio. Read more about Kazio here.
  • Kazio the friendly ninja was exclusively designed for us by a cartoonist. It’s a ninja unlike anything you have seen, and depicts a traditional Japanese Anime cartoon character with several subtle items on his belt and gizmos in hand. (Can you spot an iPhone and iPad?)
  • Kazio, while sounding very oriental is actually a Polish name meaning “a form of peacemaker”. Melvin thinks it a perfect choice as PC Ninja is essentially the peacemaker between the computer and the customer. By repairing the computer/device or setting up networks, our technicians make sure that the computer or anything installed is working well with the customer.
  • PC Ninja has their own *superhero* car called the Ninja Mobile, a Smart Car like no other! (Have you seen it around town?)
    Taekwondo Japanese Calligraphy
  • Many people have asked him this, and yes, Melvin does know martial arts, having learned the Korean martial art of Taekwondo at a very young age.(Calligraphy image courtesy of: Nuno Nogueira @ en.wiki, via wikipedia.com.)


Business is not just doing deals; business is having great products, doing great engineering, and providing tremendous service to customers – Ross Perot

A ninja represents someone with humility, discipline, and focus, who strives to be an expert in a particular area and to be the best they can possibly be. Ninja are born to lead and serve at the same time, and to do so well. Those traits serve as our mission, to help and to serve you, the customer, to the best of our ability and knowledge, helping you solve all computer problems and fulfill computer needs.

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