Your computer needs some TLC

Computer Doctor TLCComputers are like cars, they need some TLC, maintenance and periodic tuneups. Once it starts getting slow, sluggish and unusable, it might be one of two reasons 1) your computer needs a tune up 2) there is a problem with your physical computer hardware. Most times, it may need just a tune up.

The amount of times you do a tune up to your computer will depend on whether you are a frequent or occasional user. It goes without saying that the more frequent you use the computer, the higher probability that you may have more junkware (or bloatware), viruses/malware, corrupt files or more.

So, what do you do?

I would recommend doing a tuneup every couple weeks or so, or every couple of months for the occasional users. Start with a virus scan from your antivirus software. We would assume you have one, if not, there are paid or free ones available to you. Then, start looking through your computer for files and what you may have downloaded months or years ago and don’t need anymore. Get rid of them. We liken it to spring cleaning of your house or garage. Tools like Malwarebytes and CCleaner may help you get rid of malware, useless files and other temporary files. If you are confident enough in your computers skills, you may want to uninstall programs that you don’t use. Be careful when downloading tuneup or software tools that claim to make your computer faster and better. Those software tools may be a wolf in disguise and cause more harm than good.

These four things are a good start and go a long way in prolonging the life of your computer. There are more ways to tuneup your computer which may require more technical knowledge, in which case, you can bring your computer to our shop and we will gladly show some TLC to your sluggish machine to get it up and running again!



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