The Ninja website gets a facelift!

Ninja Website LogoWe are proud to announce our newly redesigned website. This was been made possible by Kimberly Coles and Cre8d Design.

Kim, who was voted one of the top 50 women web designers in the world along with other impressive accolades, went back to the drawing board and created a website design that was true to how we envisioned a perfectly functional website would be. It showcases our brand with splashes of quirkiness, comic style and fun factors added in.

The new design highlights several areas that we wanted prominently displayed, helping our customers find what they are looking for easily. Cred8 Design’s development team then made it a reality and implemented several backend features that allows us to modify and add information on the site seamlessly. The concept to development phase was painless with a few minor issues that were addressed quickly.

Here are some aspects that makes our website more functional:

1) Prominent contact number
Don’t you just hate looking for a telephone number on a website? Well, we have it prominently displayed on every page. Your days of searching for contact info are gone.

2) Repair status
Everyone that drops off their computer(s) at our shop can now track the repair status directly on our website.

3) Need some hand holding?
Click on the “Ready to get started” link on our front page, fill in some information and we will call you back within one business day.

4) Quick links to contests and announcements
Announcements and contests are easily seen with colored “post-it” style notes on our sidebar (on every page). You just can’t miss an announcement or contest!

5) Sharing made easy
You can now easily share articles to Facebook and other social networking sites or email it directly using the links on the bottom of each page and article.

Once again, thanks to Kim and the team of Cred8d Design (Rachel and Stephen). They are truly world class outfits and we are big fans. We will not hesitate to work with them again and will recommend them to anyone.

And to think that this was all done without even meeting each other face to face! Kim resides in Indianapolis, IN and Cre8d Design is in New Zealand. Isn’t cyberspace just great!

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