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My Computer is Slow to Boot- Why?

Does it take a long time for your computer to turn on and load Windows? Do you hit the power button, walk away to get a cup of coffee and by the time you come back, it’s only just bringing icons up on the desktop? There are several possible reasons that your computer is slow […]

Fake Internet Service Provider: Phone Scam Alert!

“Hello. This is Verizon. We need to inform you that someone is using your IP address for illegal activity.” Thus begins yet another phone scam, which a recent customer made known to us. We’ve previously notified you of the Windows Expiry scam. This fake Internet Service Provider scam has many similar qualities, as well as […]

Windows Expiry Phone Scam: Just Hang Up

We’ve written about phone scams in a previous blog, but we wanted to alert you of a call making its rounds now. The other day at the office we received an automated phone call that said, “Your Windows license is about to expire.” Ironic, isn’t it, that a computer services shop is receiving external notices […]

Windows Live Mail Phased Out

Windows Live Mail is a desktop application that enables you to download your e-mails from your host’s online server (e.g.,,,, etc.) to your computer. Other desktop programs that provide this service are Microsoft Office Outlook, Windows Mail, and Mozilla Thunderbird. Windows Live Mail is a free software available through the Windows […]

Windows Vista Out the Window?

We are now one year out from when Windows Vista will be considered obsolete, with extended support ending on April 11, 2017.  It’s been two years since Microsoft retired Windows XP in April of 2014, and those still using Vista will soon be in the same sinking boat.   Vista, which was originally released on January […]

Should I Get Windows 10?

Should I or should I not get Windows 10? That is the question. You may be aware that Microsoft has announced that on July 29, 2015, they will be launching the newest Windows operating system, Windows 10. Apparently, it is different enough from Windows 8.1 that they completely skipped a version 9 and are calling […]

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