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Phishing Scams: Don’t Get “Reeled” In!

Gone phishing? This isn’t a good thing. Phishing is the work of scammers who try to “reel in” private or secure information, such as email address, passwords, contact lists, and credit card details. It begins with an email, which may or may not look suspicious. It could look like it’s from someone in your contact […]

Computer Self-Check & Privacy

How well do you know the computer that you use? Have you ever given any thought to your privacy as you browse the web? Every now and again, it’s important to conduct a privacy and security check on your computer, other electronic devices, and accounts. This blog is a list of computer self-check questions you […]

Security Questions: Choose Securely

“What is the name of the street you grew up on?” “Who was your favorite high school teacher?” “What was the model of your first car?” These are examples of possible security questions, which are used in conjunction with passwords for online accounts. As you set up a new account, especially one that’s more sensitive, […]

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