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Backup (your data) before you wish you had!

Hindsight is 20/20. Could have, should have, would have… It’s human nature not to worry (about completing something) when things are going smoothly. This is especially the case when it comes your computer and doing data backups. You meant to do it, but never did get around to running that backup. Then the unthinkable happens […]

Countdown to Windows XP Obsolescence

This is a special notice for all Windows XP users.  The countdown to the date when the Windows XP operating system will be formally obsolete has begun. Beginning on April 8, 2014, Microsoft and all other hardware and software companies will discontinue their support of the Windows XP system.  When that happens, XP will become […]

Dodge digital disaster with a back up drive

Have you ever stopped to think, or better yet, add up, the hours a week or month you spend working on your computer? Life revolves around technology 24/7 – whether you are at home, school, work, or play. Americans spend countless hours – literally hundreds and millions of hours per year – with their fingers […]

Free PC software alternatives to save your pennies

Here is a list of FREE PC software programs you can download or use online. This could be a substitute to the purchasing expensive software programs; especially when you are saving your pennies in this economy. Alternatives to Microsoft Office Open Office Google Docs Zoho Docs Abiword (Word processing) Email (alternatives to Microsoft Outlook) Thunderbird […]

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