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Backup (your data) before you wish you had!

Hindsight is 20/20. Could have, should have, would have… It’s human nature not to worry (about completing something) when things are going smoothly. This is especially the case when it comes your computer and doing data backups. You meant to do it, but never did get around to running that backup. Then the unthinkable happens […]

Computer Resolutions: Backup & Organization

As you’re making resolutions for the new year of how you’ll exercise more, spend more time doing something you love, or read more books than last year, consider adding some goals for your computer. Have you been meaning to back up your computer for months, but just never gotten around to it? Do you need […]

Cloud Backup: Smart Storage

What’s this cloud everyone’s talking about? How can photos and documents be stored in a misty vapor? Well, there’s a little more physicality to a cloud backup than that. The cloud is a term that the tech industry uses to refer to data centers all over the world that store information, which is accessible to […]

Protecting Computers Against Electrical Problems

What types of electrical problems can cause computer damage? Most people don’t realize that even the slightest electrical blip poses a danger to all programmable appliances, whether the device is a telephone, computer, or high-priced server.  If your computer or telephone no longer works after an electrical fault, the manufacturer’s warranty is unlikely to cover […]

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