Sharing Your Vacation With Family In Real Time

Sharing Your Vacation Have any plans for Spring break or have future vacation plans?  Due to the growing number of free blog, photo-sharing, and social networking websites, such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Where are You Now? (WAYN), loved ones do not have to wait to hear about your trip.  They expect you to be sharing your vacation in real time so they can follow along through photos, posts, and daily updates that all is well.

Choosing a Social Network or Photo-sharing Site

There are multiple websites that allow users to share photos or to publish a more in-depth blog, including the following:

  • Flickr
    – Online photo management and sharing application
    – You can control permissions
  • Picasa
    – Software download that helps you organize, edit, and share your photos
    – You can control permissions
    – Online travel journal, allows you to share pictures and stories
  • Tumblr
    -No time to write a long story of your experiences? Why not just add short paragraphs and pictures by micro blogging.
  • WordPress or Google Blogger
    -Write (or Blog) your experiences and stories for people to read, share, and comment
  • Skype or Oovoo
    -Chat and talk “live” with your friends and family for free
  • Facebook & Twitter
    – Keep up with friends and upload photos

Once you choose the site you would like to use, you’ll have to create a user account for that site before you can begin sharing your vacation.

What Technology to Pack

Before leaving for your adventure, be sure to bring the following items:

  • A digital camera or camera phone
  • A computer (either your own laptop, or a computer located in a hotel, library, cyber café, cruise ship—the options are increasing, daily)
  • A media card reader, if your laptop doesn’t have one
  • For travel outside of North America, a power adapter for recharging your mobile phone or laptop



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