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Commercial tree farm


A commercial tree farm was located in an area where the local telecom company only provided Internet service to a specific area of their the tree farm’s commercial land (i.e. their point of demarcation was the furthest tip of their farm land at a barn). That caused a problem because the location they needed Internet (i.e. their offices) was over 1000 feet away. It would have cost the tree farm a significant amount for the telecom company to extend their reach to their offices by digging their land up and installing new cables. The substantial cost of installation was not something they wanted to invest in.


PC Ninja was called in to research and find a potential solution to their problem. After brainstorming ideas, researching and consulting with several companies, PC Ninja found a solution.

The solution that was proposed was to have the telecom company install their modem and gain Internet access at the barn. Commercial grade signal boosters/repeaters were then installed in 3 places – at the barn, in the middle (500 ft from the barn) and at the office 1000 ft away (where they needed the Internet connection). Commercial grade Category 6 outdoor Ethernet cables were installed to link the repeaters together.

Testing was done to ensure that the signal boosters and repeaters had enough strength to reach the office. Once implemented, the farm office received a good Internet signal with a mere 10-15% degradation in Internet upload/download speed. Contrary to the theory that an Ethernet cable can only go up to a maximum length of 330ft/100m, PC Ninja managed to achieve a 1000ft Internet signal distance with minimal signal lost. PC Ninja did all testing, installations and purchase of equipment. The farm office was fitted with a wireless router and a switch for wifi and wired network access.

commercial farm network setup



With the solution, PC Ninja was able to

    1. help extend the tree farm’s Internet capability from the demarcation point to the farm office,
    2. save the tree farm 4/5th of the original cost that the telecom company quoted and
    3. push the boundaries of the standard Ethernet cable specification while experiencing minimal signal loss.
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