IT Installation


Building owner


The customer was a real estate developer and building owner who had just purchased a 100-year-old 4-floor mansion. He wanted it converted into separately leased office space but did not know specifically what IT and phone equipment he needed.


With the budget given, PC Ninja proposed a central telephone system (with separate extensions), shared wired and wireless Internet system for the building tenants. Separation of networks in each room were done at the main network switch and network end points. PC Ninja planned, installed and setup all phone/network/cabling equipment. All cables, routers, phones and wireless systems were purchased by PC Ninja.

  • PC Ninja choose a central room within the mansion and routed all telephone and Ethernet cables from all rooms within the mansion to the central location.
  • Cables were installed/routed in a way to preserve the original building look, aesthetics and structure.
  • Telephone and Ethernet cables were punched down, crimped and installed in the central switch room and all rooms.
  • All phone lines and Ethernet cables were tested and certified.
  • The internal phone switch board system, network switch, network patch panel, wireless access points were installed, setup and certified.


PC Ninja acted as the main contractor (IT project manager and installer) for cabling, telephone and computer IT installation and setup. All cables, IT network and phone systems were installed in a timely manner.


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