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Karl Environmental Group, Mohnton, PA


An environmental engineering company needed a reliable SDS (formerly called Material Safety Data Sheet) system that they could upload certified documents for their clients. The documents had to be securely stored, backed up, and accessible at all times (through the Internet).

Current problems:

  • Their current SDS (formerly called Material Safety Data Sheet) system was housed in their establishment on a separate computer that was unreliable and often had to be rebooted.
  • The database computer was reaching the end of its life.
  • Their current document upload process was tedious. The current system only allowed them to upload a single document at time.
  • Their current document upload process did not allow them to assign proper ingredient and manufacturer attributes to each file while being uploaded; it had to be done separately each time.
  • There was a limited number of ingredient and manufacturer attribute(s) to each uploaded SDS (formerly called Material Safety Data Sheet) document.
  • The uploaded SDS (formerly called Material Safety Data Sheet) documents did not have a good search system and proper search tags (i.e. the customer could not search for documents in a quick, efficient manner).
  • Document names and attributes could not be changed once it was uploaded.


  • PC Ninja proposed a custom, cloud database solution housed on a hosted server using a mySQL database and the Lavarel PHP platform.
    This served two purposes 1) it allowed the database to be up at all times and reliable, and 2) it was cost effective with an open source solution.
  • The new SDS (formerly called Material Safety Data Sheet) system would be backed up in a storage system that was encrypted and compliant.
  • Backups were automated and versioned in case of file corruption.
  • Multiple documents could be uploaded to the database at one time.
  • Uploaded documents could be tagged with multiple ingredients and manufacturer attributes immediately.
  • Document names and other attributes could be edited at any time after it has been uploaded to the database.
  • Separate customer pages were created for each customer i.e. each customer had their own SDS (formerly called Material Safety Data Sheet) page.
  • A search functionality was introduced for the end user with document sorting functionality.



  • PC Ninja designed the custom cloud database solution within a timely period based on the approved specifications.
  • The objectives for security and reliability were achieved with the cloud and cloud backup functions.
  • PC Ninja redesigned the front end and back end graphical interfaces to make it more user-friendly.
  • PC Ninja added a search functionality for quick reference and sorting of documents.

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