Sales Policies and Service Terms


SERVICE RETURN POLICY: There is a no-return policy on all services.

PRODUCT RETURN POLICY: There is a no-return policy on all products. If the product is defective or non-functional, we will exchange it for a new one (within 14 days) or process it under the product warranty (if applicable). Items cannot be exchanged for different items (unless otherwise stated). If the product is no longer available, we will exchange it for an item of equal or better value (with prior approval from customer). Items must be returned with a receipt. No returns or refunds on consumable items, software, printer cartridges, services, or items returned incomplete or without all original packaging. All returns over $25 are either credited back to the customer’s credit card or issued a company check within 14 days.


1) You authorize PC Ninja to diagnose, upgrade, fix and/or repair the computer product(s) as requested. This includes potentially checking and inspecting all computer files and/or hardware (where relevant). PC Ninja will not be responsible for breaching any current warranties related to the computer product(s) or legalities related to computer ownership.

2) By delivering to PC Ninja and/or requesting services on computer(s) and/or other hardware and software, the customer affirms that he or she is the rightful owner of the submitted item(s) or has gained full permission to subject the item(s) to diagnostic testing, repairs, and data/information extraction of any kind.

3) PC Ninja, and any person(s) associated with or involved in the work being done, will not be held responsible for: a) loss or damage to equipment/data in case of fire, theft, accident or any other cause b) further equipment damage or data loss caused by already existing problems in your system(s) such as viruses, software misconfiguration, software updates or software/hardware problems/failures. c) erasing/changing passwords of any kind related to the operating system profile(s), website(s) or software on the computer.

4) PRIVACY & DISCLOSURE: All information seen, collected or extracted from a customer’s computer(s) will be confidential, not to be disclosed or sold in any form externally (unless it falls under term #12).

5) DIAGNOSIS: Due to the complex nature of a computer, computer problems need to occur or be seen by our technicians for us to diagnose and fix it. The customer should relay any problem(s) they want addressed at the time of computer drop-off/repair. Any further problems (and/or problems not relayed to PC Ninja) that occur after the computer is picked up by the customer may incur additional costs.

6) DATA TRANSFER: We are not responsible for any loss of data due to the original hard drive or flash drive being in a failing or non-operative state. We will do our best to transfer pertinent data to an external drive or another computer. We will never delete the data on the original hard drive or flash drive unless it is specifically requested. The customer is responsible for notifying us of what files or folders are important (so that the specific data is prioritized in the backup process). At times, due to the state of the drive, file permissions or problems in the transfer, there
may be specific files or folders that are not transferred fully. Please call us immediately to correct any problems.

7) GUARANTEE: We have a 100% guarantee on our services (with the exception of virus removals). However, you are responsible for contacting us within 24 HOURS (OR ONE BUSINESS DAY) of pickup or completed service call out to report any problems related to the repair of the computer product(s). We will automatically assume that any problems occurring outside the allotted time-frame will be of a different nature and may incur extra costs. We are not responsible for data corruption/computer problems related to installation of software, Windows service packs, Windows updates, drivers and any hardware failures happening AFTER the computer has been picked up, serviced and/or repaired by PC Ninja; extra repair costs may be incurred (where relevant). In the event of accidental hardware/physical damage by our technicians during the course of repair, costs will be covered accordingly (and where relevant). This reimbursement of costs does not apply to products that has extensive damage prior to us working on it.

8) VIRUS REMOVAL: We will guarantee that viruses are removed from the computer when the computer is picked up. However, as we cannot account for where/how the computer is used after it leaves the shop and the ease of the computer getting re-infected with malware (due to user activity, phone and online scams), any further virus cleaning may incur additional service costs.

9) BACKUP: You are responsible for backing up any data before your computer is worked on. In the event of operating system re-installation, data backups, data recovery and data transfers, PC Ninja will not be held responsible for any loss of data, loss of previously installed software/software licenses, irretrievable data, change in file time-stamps/properties and change in operating system/profile/security settings associated with the original data that may occur during this work.

10) SOFTWARE: In the event of operating system re-installation, you will be responsible for installing any non-standard purchased computer software, printer drivers and other accessories. The operating system will be back to a default state and you will be responsible for any further settings changes and modifications.

11) LICENSES: You have the responsibility of keeping all software licenses, disks and any related activation keys. We are not obligated to assist you in retrieving or searching for any lost or misplaced licenses and keys.

12) Any computer product containing child pornography, terrorist related activities and/or any other areas deemed illegal in nature, will be turned over to the authorities.

13) We reserve the right to dispose of computer product(s) not collected and left at our facility for more than 30 days (after notification of service completion). In this event, we will not be responsible for licenses, data and information lost.

14) SHIPMENTS: For orders on all non-stocked computers, computer software/hardware, equipment and accessories, our supplier shipping schedule is Monday through Friday with the exclusion of all U.S. holidays. We do not guarantee an exact shipment time/date and will not be held responsible for any processing and shipment delays. Extra charges may apply for expedited shipping.

15) CREDIT TERMS: Any organizations and/or businesses wanting us to extend credit (i.e. mailing an invoice to be paid on receipt), will need a credit card authorization of $300 and/or a credit check. We reserve the right to authorize larger amounts in accordance to the work order and credit status. We cannot extend credit to you until these terms have been satisfied and you are approved. Outstanding balances may be satisfied partially or fully with the authorized credit card if payment is not received within 14 days.

16) PAYMENTS: a) For SERVICES, all outstanding balances are DUE UPON INVOICE RECEIPT and/or after we notify you of service completion. b) For new/used purchased COMPUTERS/COMPUTER PRODUCTS, full payment is needed up front (unless stated at the time of purchase). If you can’t collect your computer product(s) within a timely manner, please contact us to arrange payment over the phone and advise us of when you intend to pick your product(s) up.

17) COLLECTIONS: PC Ninja reserves the right to send all delinquent/non-paying accounts to a collection agency at any time. Should your account be delinquent, you will be responsible for any collection fees, administrative fees, attorney and other associated costs. Until relevant payment has been made, PC Ninja has the right to suspend any ongoing/future service(s) or withhold any computer products that have been purchased, diagnosed, upgraded, and/or fixed/repaired.

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