Jr. Tech Session: New Education Program!

Jr. Techs ImageOn Thursday afternoon, March 26, 2015, five bright high school students descended upon the Ninja Dojo (classroom) to take part in PC Ninja’s newest educational program, the Jr. Tech session.  These tech-savvy students became the teachers for a group of computer users who wanted some assistance with various computer skills and settings.

PC Ninja offers courses on basic computing skills, but to provide one-on-one help and answer specific questions, owner and head technician Melvin Foo created the Jr. Tech program, a “seniors helping seniors”-type event.  Jen Foo, Melvin’s wife and PC Ninja’s Business Coordinator, contacted Wyomissing high school guidance counselor, Mrs. Regina Barletta, about recruiting a team of students with technical know-how to help guests with their computer questions.  For this first event, five young ladies from the Service Club of the Wyomissing Jr./Sr. High School volunteered to serve as computer ninja.

Our staff was truly impressed not only by the knowledge of these Jr. Techs, but also by the warm and kind way they interacted with the guests, all of whom left the shop with new skills and more confidence in operating their computers.  The excitement of the Jr. Techs was palpable after the event, when they shared with each other what kinds of issues they addressed and how rewarding it is to help others.   “It’s so neat when you see them reach that ‘Aha’ moment, finally understanding how to do something, and realizing how easy it is once someone explains it to you,” one of the young ladies commented.  As an extra reward for their assistance, each of the techs was given a Jr. Tech T-shirt and a Kazio plush toy, the PC Ninja mascot.

At PC Ninja we understand that computer users often feel intimidated by their machines, unsure of how to do things they know are possible and worried they might make a mistake and “break” the computer.  As our junior teachers realized, sometimes all it takes to feel more comfortable and learn new skills is having someone friendly demonstrate the task, explaining it at a level the user can understand.  This is why we are excited to offer this program again.  If you are interested in attending on of the dates below, give us a call, and we’ll see you at the Ninja Dojo.

Upcoming Jr. Tech Sessions*:
Thursday, April 30, 2015, 3:00-5:00 p.m.
Thursday, May 28, 2015, 3:00-5:00 p.m.

(*These sessions are free, but registration is required.  As informal one-on-one question/answer and demonstration sessions, guests can come by at any time during the two hours and remain as long as need be.)

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