How much can a 1 TB hard drive hold?

Here is a common question from our customers, “How much does a 1 TB hard drive hold?”

To put it in perspective, we’ve made a poster about 1 TB drives for you.

(Note these are just estimates as data sizes may vary)

How much does 1 TB hold?

The table above is a reference for both external and internal hard drives. Please note that while this a reference chart, it should not be taken as is. This is merely a high level perspective of how much a drive could hold. There are different variants that may increase or decrease the numbers shown. Low/high resolution photos or HD movies/videos may require less or more space. There also may be different mixtures of music, videos, photos and movies on your computer which may increase or decrease the storage space. As music, videos, photos, movies and games come in different sizes/quantities in a user’s hard drive, it would be hard to give a definitive answer (of how much a drive would hold) without proper calculations.

*1 TB (Terabyte) = 1000 GB (Gigabytes), 1 Million MB (Megabytes) or 1000 Million/1 billion KB (Kilobytes)


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