Synology NAS

For our onsite storage and backup systems, we recommend Synology. Our partnership with Synology allows us to offer you the best in class Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices for your establishment.

What is Synology NAS?

Synology provides an affordable way to centralize data storage, simplify data backup, share and sync files across different platforms, and access data on-the-go.

Synology NAS devices include disk and rack style options. It has a feature rich graphical interface and runs on a custom Linux system. It is available as a single to multi hard drive unit. The hard drive storage space will be up to the end user and is dependent on the model of the storage device.

Synology NAS devices are used in many establishments, including: Holiday Inn, Konica Minolta, University of London (King’s College), Jetstar Pacific Airlines, and more. Read customer stories and testimonials here.

There are multiple options to fit small, medium or large sized businesses. We can help you choose, purchase, and install the model based on your needs and requirements.

Why do I need a NAS?

NAS devices serve two primary purposes.

  1. Firstly, it acts as a convenient and affordable device to share files without the expensive costs of installing, setting up and maintaining a Windows/Apple server. The ease of installation allows the end user to be up and running fairly quickly.
  2. Secondly, it can double up as a storage backup. This may prove to be invaluable when your hard drives go bad or when data is corrupted or deleted (through accidental or malicious means).


Here are some of Synology NAS device features:

  • File sharing
    Network file sharing based on individual users and/or groups across Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.
  • Active Directory
    The Synology has the ability to act as a domain controller with the benefit of roaming user profiles. Roaming profiles allow the user to see the same workspace when they log in to their accounts even on different computers. IT administrators can install specific programs or system updates and manage accounts on all computers in the office.
  • Cloud sharing/syncing
    Internet file sharing and syncing to cloud services (Amazon Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Storage, and Openstack Swift).
  • Mail server capability
    Ability to set up the Synology NAS as a private mail server.
  • Data backup
    Realtime incremental backup, file versioning and Cloud backup (optional).
  • Data security
    File encryption, account protection, firewall, denial-of-service prevention, IP Auto Block and more.
  • Expandable storage and availability
    Ensure drive availability and protect against server disruption, data corruption and data loss with RAID technology (where applicable).
  • Management
    Manage the Synology NAS with user specific privileges with an easy-to-use web browser interface.
  • Compliance
    Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant device with SSL/TLS/256-bit AES encryption.

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