Datto, offers what is called a hybrid cloud backup. We will place and configure a small network device at your establishment that selected workstations and servers are connected to and backed up to. The device automatically connects to a secured offsite server (through the Internet) to do a second identical backup. This helps with ultra-fast recovery from situations like hard drive failure or damage, accidental deletions, malicious activities and viruses or ransomware. Recovery time will be faster than a direct backup from a traditional cloud backup service.

This backup solution conducts a full image of machines instead of merely backing up files and folders. This technology allows restoration of systems and entire networks quickly and with minimal downtime. Your computer will be back to a working state without any extensive installations of software and configurations of settings.

Knowing there are copies of your data and that those copies are safe and secure keeps you worry free.

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  • Six percent of all PCs will suffer an episode of data loss in any given year. (The Cost Of Lost Data, David M. Smith)
  • Over 34% of companies do not test their backups, and of those that tested, 77% found their tape backups failed to restore. (Storage Magazine)
  • Seventy percent of small to medium business shut down after losing data in a disaster. (UK DTI)
  • Twenty percent of small to medium businesses will suffer a major disaster, causing loss of critical data every 5 years. (Richmond House Group)
  • About 140,000 hard drives fail every week in the United States. (Storage Magazine)
  • About 70% of business people have experienced (or will experience) data loss due to accidental deletion, disk or system failure, viruses, fire or some other disaster. (Storage Magazine)

Don’t fall into the trap of losing your data and jeopardizing your business.


Backing up your business data is a proactive way to plan for problems and disasters. We know that business continuity is of utmost importance. With our cloud backup and recovery mechanisms, you can be assured that your servers/workstations will be up in no time. At last, you have a backup solution that will help you recover from dreaded ransomware like CryptoLocker. Read how the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Boston was infected with the CryptoLocker virus but used Datto to recover and get its computers up and running in the shortest possible time.


In-house backup solutions have a high risk of theft, fire, flood or other disasters. They are time consuming to maintain, with low security and high risk of breach. Being a small/medium-sized business, you may not have available time and IT resources to make sure that your backups are working or backing up properly. Our hybrid cloud backup solution allows you to minimize your IT costs and in-house equipment and not worry about physical damage to your tape backups or other in-house backup solutions. An important advantage with our solution is you have not only a secured backup in place but a quick recovery solution as well.


Platforms supportedServer (Windows/MAC/Linux)
Workstation (Windows/MAC/Linux)
Virtual machines (VMware, vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix Xenserver)
Process1) SETUP: We will setup the device on your network.
2) BACKUP: Choose files to back up and set automatic schedule
3) RESTORE: Restore all or selected files back to original server/workstation location or location of your choice
Backup technologyIncremental (backup that only copies files that have changed since the previous backup)
Security/Certifications256-bit AES encryption
Authentication through unique RSA SSH key
SOC 1/SOC 2 Type II and Tier 3+ certified data centers
Fault tolerant with guaranteed uptime of 99.982%
Co-located data centers in the USA (Reading, PA and Salt Lake City, UT)
Physical access to data center guarded by 24/7 personnel, biometric scanning and activity logging
Restore mediumSeamless restore through the onsite backup appliance.
PricingFlat fee per month (depends on amount of data and platform type)





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