Cloud Computing

cloudninjalogoPC Ninja introduces CLOUDNINJA. This is our exclusive cloud computing service offering that brings your business to the next level. Cloud computing is a way to leverage the Internet and external servers to store your websites, business data, emails, data backups and much more. The usefulness of this is that you are not dependent on your onsite business computers, servers and other physical equipment anymore. You can work virtually anywhere with access to the same data and software applications as you would at your business establishment. It’s also a fraction of the cost than setting up and purchasing traditional server equipment. For identity on the web, we offer domain registrations, web hosting and web design for your business. If you want a customized software solution for your business that you can’t buy commercially off the shelf (or it simply doesn’t exist), don’t worry, we can built one for you! Simply put, the sky’s the limit with what you can do on the cloud.

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cloud computingSummary of offerings:

“Work anywhere business computing”
* Implementation of cloud based servers and desktops
* Migration of current server/workstation network to the cloud
* Quickbooks cloud hosting
* Office 365 subscriptions
* Business web hosting
* Web design
* Cloud backup
* Exchange email
* Secure email (HIPAA, SOX, GLBA compliant)
* Customized software solution









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