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FollowUpThen: Email Reminders

Do you ever forget to remember what you’re supposed to do? Did you mark an email “important,” but you never got around to following up? There are myriad reminder apps and options to keep you on-task, and one we’ve had success with is FollowUpThen. FollowUpThen is a service (with free and paid versions) that works […]

Laptop Cases & Transport Tips

If you’re doing any traveling with your laptop this summer, or even if you’re just toting it between home and the office, keep it safe in transit. Often customers will come into the shop carrying a laptop in a regular backpack, cloth shopping tote, or plastic grocery bag, but these are not sufficient laptop cases […]

Cloud Backup: Smart Storage

What’s this cloud everyone’s talking about? How can photos and documents be stored in a misty vapor? Well, there’s a little more physicality to a cloud backup than that. The cloud is a term that the tech industry uses to refer to data centers all over the world that store information, which is accessible to […]

Security Questions: Choose Securely

“What is the name of the street you grew up on?” “Who was your favorite high school teacher?” “What was the model of your first car?” These are examples of possible security questions, which are used in conjunction with passwords for online accounts. As you set up a new account, especially one that’s more sensitive, […]

Passwords: Tips & Importance

“I can’t keep track of all these passwords.” “I can’t remember my password anymore. It might have been something like…” “What password? I don’t even have one for my e-mail.” [Yes, you do, actually.] “Why do we even need all these passwords anyway? I don’t have anything to hide.” These are all comments we hear […]

Windows 10 Upgrade: Crash Course

We’ve received about a dozen calls in the last week from computer users who say that their machines running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 automatically upgraded to Windows 10.  They didn’t want it and don’t remember clicking on anything to allow it, but one day after shutting down, the computer rebooted to a screen saying, […]

Tips to Prevent Computer-Related RSI

In our last blog, we discussed the potential problem of eyestrain due to computer use.  Hands and wrists are also susceptible to strain from hours of typing.  Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) occur from repeated physical movements doing damage to tendons, nerves, muscles, and other soft body tissues.  By making a few changes in typing practice, […]

Lessen Eyestrain by Adjusting your Computer Screen

Do you spend hours a day on the computer, at work, at home, or both?  If you’re staring at a screen for hours on end causing eyestrain, you are at risk for developing CVS.  Not to be confused with the pharmacy, CVS stands for Computer Vision Syndrome. Also known as Digital Eye Strain, CVS is […]

How do I stop Windows 10?

If you have a computer running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, you might have noticed the constant pop-ups alerting you that your operating system is eligible for the free upgrade to Windows 10.  Microsoft released its newest operating system last July, and will be offering this free upgrade through July of 2016.  Many have taken […]

Scareware: Alert! Your Computer is (Not) Infected!

Alert!  Your computer has a virus! Do not shut off your computer, or you will risk losing your data! Call this number right away (888) 888 – XXXX. Have you ever seen messages like this pop-up on your computer screen? Maybe there were lots of pop-ups that suddenly appeared, windows you weren’t able to close. […]

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