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Computer Resolutions: Backup & Organization

As you’re making resolutions for the new year of how you’ll exercise more, spend more time doing something you love, or read more books than last year, consider adding some goals for your computer. Have you been meaning to back up your computer for months, but just never gotten around to it? Do you need […]

Tech Scams: How can I know if it’s legit or not?

An error message appears on your screen. You’re trying to decide if it’s legitimate or not. Should you take action? Are you at risk? The following list conveys common aspects of fake alerts that can be classified as tech scams, scareware, and malware. Scareware screens are messages designed to be frightening that can draw you […]

Why We’re Thankful for Computers & All They Help Us Do

At our repair shop, customers often come in frustrated over their nonfunctional computer, occasionally threatening to throw it out the window. We sympathize, knowing the inconvenience of error screens, malware, slowness, and just generally “not working the way it’s supposed to” when you have things you need to complete. But in the spirit of Thanksgiving, […]

Computer Self-Check & Privacy

How well do you know the computer that you use? Have you ever given any thought to your privacy as you browse the web? Every now and again, it’s important to conduct a privacy and security check on your computer, other electronic devices, and accounts. This blog is a list of computer self-check questions you […]

Netiquette: Online Communication Tips

Are you sure you want to say that? Do we really want a media page to be our go-to place for venting frustration? Is the picture of us complaining, fuming, or shouting from a soapbox really what we want the world to see? Let’s consider our etiquette on the web, sometimes called netiquette. Netiquette: Online […]

Unnecessary Toolbars as Malware

A common feature of malware that can get installed on your computer is unnecessary toolbars. They can make your browser run more slowly, especially as it opens up since it takes longer to load the extra “features” along with your homepage. One of the primary goals of these toolbars is to generate even more malware […]

Unexpected Shutdown: How it Affects your Computer

An unexpected shutdown can potentially harm your computer, which is why it is important to properly turn off your computer by going to the power options and selecting “shut down,” “restart,” or “sleep.” This allows the computer to make sure that any running programs are closed. If apps are still running, a notice will allow […]

How do I know what operating system I have?

What is an operating system? An operating system (OS) refers to the overall software installed on your computer that communicates with the hardware to perform the tasks the user initiates. It contains the fundamental files that allow the computer to boot up and function, as well as allowing other software to run. The two dominant […]

Windows Live Mail Phased Out

Windows Live Mail is a desktop application that enables you to download your e-mails from your host’s online server (e.g.,,,, etc.) to your computer. Other desktop programs that provide this service are Microsoft Office Outlook, Windows Mail, and Mozilla Thunderbird. Windows Live Mail is a free software available through the Windows […]

Safe Browsing Tips & Things to Avoid

What’s safe to click on and what isn’t? Browsing the web requires wariness. Some customers feel like they can’t go anywhere or click on anything, and to a point, that’s true. You can’t safely click on just anything. It takes caution and common sense to make sure the links you visit are not riddled with […]

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