10 signs your computer has a virus

Viruses can remain hidden in your computer, but eventually symptoms will show.  Here are 10 signs your computer has a virus:

  1. The computer is really slow.
  2. Nothing responds when you click on an icon or/and your software applications do not work correctly anymore.
  3. The system reboots, freezes up or crashes for no reason.
  4. Your antivirus security program or/and firewall is suddenly disabled.
  5. You can’t access your disk drives or hard drive.
  6. You are suddenly unable to print.
  7. You start seeing strange pop up windows stating that you have a virus or that your computer is infected.
    (the name of the virus program/scanner is something you have not heard off before and you can’t seem to close the window).
  8. You start seeing pop up advertisement windows at unexpected (random) times.
  9. You have major problems trying to install or download an antivirus software or any other software.
  10. You seem to have suddenly lost the icons on the desktop or/and all other program files in your folders.
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