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10 signs your computer has a virus

Viruses can remain hidden in your computer, but eventually symptoms will show.  Here are 10 signs your computer has a virus: The computer is really slow. Nothing responds when you click on an icon or/and your software applications do not work correctly anymore. The system reboots, freezes up or crashes for no reason. Your antivirus […]

Sharing Your Vacation With Family In Real Time

Have any plans for Spring break or have future vacation plans?  Due to the growing number of free blog, photo-sharing, and social networking websites, such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Where are You Now? (WAYN), loved ones do not have to wait to hear about your trip.  They expect you to be sharing your vacation […]

Comparing Windows 7 versions

What is the difference between the available Microsoft Windows 7 versions? How is it different from Windows XP and Windows Vista? Which one you would buy will depend on the features needed from a home or/and business perspective. Here is a chart to help you: Here is a more detailed chart: (Image courtesy of […]

How much can a 1 TB hard drive hold?

Here is a common question from our customers, “How much does a 1 TB hard drive hold?” To put it in perspective, we’ve made a poster about 1 TB drives for you. (Note these are just estimates as data sizes may vary) The table above is a reference for both external and internal hard drives. […]

4 Ways to Improve Working on a Virtual Team

Working on a virtual team can be a challenge. Here are some suggestions to help with virtual team management and to help your team work more effectively. Use Instant Messaging (IM) for Unscheduled Meetings Use instant messaging (e.g. AOL IM, Skype, Microsoft Live Messenger) to get quick answers or opinions from your teammates. IM programs […]

Happy New Year 2012!

Happy New Year to all our customers, friends and family! We hope that 2012 will be a fruitful and productive year for all. Please note that we are closed until Tuesday, January 3rd 2012 (where normal shop hours resume).

Preventing viruses

“I do a scan every week and I don’t detect any viruses! How can my computer suddenly get one?” We do hear that one a lot. There is a common misconception that if you have an anti-virus software installed on your computer, you will not get viruses and will always be virus free. Everyone is […]

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