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A letter to our customers about Coronavirus

A letter to our customers … I would like to personally address the issue that has escalated within the past weeks. Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a serious matter and we are taking precautions to ensure that we can do everything to prevent the spread of any germs to keep our customers and employees healthy. We will […]

Backup (your data) before you wish you had!

Hindsight is 20/20. Could have, should have, would have… It’s human nature not to worry (about completing something) when things are going smoothly. This is especially the case when it comes your computer and doing data backups. You meant to do it, but never did get around to running that backup. Then the unthinkable happens […]

Your computer needs some TLC

Computers are like cars, they need some TLC, maintenance and periodic tuneups. Once it starts getting slow, sluggish and unusable, it might be one of two reasons 1) your computer needs a tune up 2) there is a problem with your physical computer hardware. Most times, it may need just a tune up. The amount […]

How long will my Microsoft Windows operating system be supported?

With all released Microsoft software, including the Windows operating system, there is an official end date to when it is no longer supported. Microsoft breaks down the dates by “mainstream support” and “extended support”. What is the difference between “mainstream support” and “extended support”? “Mainstream support” means that 1) Microsoft will continue to enhance and […]

Introducing the Ninjamation Kids Camp 2015

PC Ninja is excited to introduce the our first-ever Ninjamation Kids Camp 2015! Have you ever wondered how stop-animation movies are made? Now is your chance to use your creative talents and learn how to make one of your own! Campers will work in small, collaborative groups with a teacher to guide their planning and […]

Useful links to the most common software

Malware is commonly spread from software downloads not originating from the actual manufacturer itself. The malware is cleverly packaged (and hidden) within the software that you are downloading. This happens frequently when someone is using a search engine to look for a software program and clicks on the first few links that come up on […]

The Ninja website gets a facelift!

We are proud to announce our newly redesigned website. This was been made possible by Kimberly Coles and Cre8d Design. Kim, who was voted one of the top 50 women web designers in the world along with other impressive accolades, went back to the drawing board and created a website design that was true to […]

DNS Server Virus – Avoid Internet Service Interruption!

This is a reminder that there is less than a month to check your computer systems for the dreaded DNS Server virus (also known as the DNS Changer Virus). If you do not remove the virus by July 9, 2012 you may risk losing your Internet connectivity. The DNS Server virus is one that redirects […]

How Search Engines work (in 90 seconds)!

A quick 90 second explanation of how search engines work by Reuben Yau of Manta Media… (Ref: Manta Minute)

10 Commandments of Computer Usage

PC Ninja has developed its own set of the the 10 Commandments:  the 10 Commandments of Computer Usage. i.      Thou shalt install one and only one antivirus software on thy computer. ii.     Thou shalt always have thine antivirus definitions updated. iii.    Thou shalt be careful where thou dost browse and what thou dost download from […]

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