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Are you tired of your sluggish computer? Have you been looking for ways to speed it up? If you think
We’ve written about phone scams in a previous blog, but we wanted to alert you of a call making its
Gone phishing? This isn’t a good thing. Phishing is the work of scammers who try to “reel in” private or
As you’re making resolutions for the new year of how you’ll exercise more, spend more time doing something you love,
An error message appears on your screen. You’re trying to decide if it’s legitimate or not. Should you take action?
At our repair shop, customers often come in frustrated over their nonfunctional computer, occasionally threatening to throw it out the
How well do you know the computer that you use? Have you ever given any thought to your privacy as
Are you sure you want to say that? Do we really want a media page to be our go-to place
A common feature of malware that can get installed on your computer is unnecessary toolbars. They can make your browser
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