5 Internet Terms Everyone Should Know

Internet Terms httpWe use the Internet every day, and access it on desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones.  Despite the ability users have to check e-mail, surf the web, and update social networking sites, many may be unfamiliar with some of the most basic Internet terms.  Here is a list of Five Basic Internet Terms everyone should know:

1. Internet:   Also known as the World Wide Web, the Internet consists of all the data stored and shared in cyberspace, organized into websites that are divided into webpages.  It is accessible wherever you have an Internet connection, which could be through an Ethernet cord, wireless router, wifi hotspot, or data plan on a mobile device.  Usually you click on an icon to open the World Wide Web, but the icon itself, your e-mail, or your homepage are NOT the Internet.

2. Browser:   This is the program one uses to access the Internet:  Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple’s Safari, and Google Chrome are the most common browsers.  Each will have its own settings and slightly different feel, but all have the same function: serving as portals to the World Wide Web, aiding browsing, surfing, or searching through all the websites that exist.  This is not a search-and-find option on your desktop, or an online search engine like Google or Yahoo!.

3. Homepage:   This is the first page you see when you open the Internet browser.  If you have installed updates to a newer version of your browser, you will probably see a default page, such as AOL, Yahoo!, or a notice that “You now have the most recent version of Firefox!”.  You are able to set your own homepage to any webpage you like.  Comcast and Verizon users often select those respective main pages, so as to easily access their e-mail.

4. URL Bar:   The long white bar across the top of your browser, which usually has a back arrow button to the left, is the field that shows the particular URL, or web address, of whatever webpage you are currently viewing.  Every web page has its own address, which usually begins with “http://www.” “Https” means that it is a secure site.  PC Ninja’s URL is www.pcninja.us.

5. Search Engine:   These are online programs such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing that allow you to use search terms and phrases to locate information on the Internet.  Unless you know the particular URL of the website you want to visit, then you will probably use a search engine to find websites that correspond to your search terms.  Looking up “computer repair Leesport” on Google should retrieve a link to PC Ninja’s website as the first or second entry.

Stay tuned for clarification of more computer and Internet terms!

(As discussed on a WEEU radio broadcast 9/5/13.)

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