10 Commandments of Computer Usage

PC Ninja has developed its own set of the the 10 Commandments:  the 10 Commandments of Computer Usage.

i.      Thou shalt install one and only one antivirus software on thy computer.

ii.     Thou shalt always have thine antivirus definitions updated.

iii.    Thou shalt be careful where thou dost browse and what thou dost download from the Internet.

iv.     Thou shalt delete an email if thou dost not recognize its sender and it containeth an unknown email attachment.

v.      Thou shalt not try to fix something that “ain’t broke.”

vi.     Thou shalt not try to fix a broken computer unless thou knowest what thou art doing.

vii.    Thou shalt always back up thy data.

viii.   Thou shalt not spam nor forward chain email letters.

ix.     Thou shalt realize that if an Internet offer seemeth too good to be true, it always is.

x.      Thou shalt not click randomly in continued succession if thy computer respondeth not.

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