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Windows Expiry Phone Scam: Just Hang Up

Windows Expiry Phone Scam Alert

We’ve written about phone scams in a previous blog, but we wanted to alert to you of a call making its rounds now. The other day at the office we received an automated phone call that said, “Your Windows license is about to expire.” Ironic, isn’t it, that a computer services shop is receiving external […]

Phishing Scams: Don’t Get “Reeled” In!

Phishing Security Alert

Gone phishing? This isn’t a good thing. Phishing is the work of scammers who try to “reel in” private or secure information, such as email address, passwords, contact lists, and credit card details. It begins with an email, which may or may not look suspicious. It could look like it’s from someone in your contact […]

Computer Resolutions: Backup & Organization

Computer Resolution New Year firework

As you’re making resolutions for the new year of how you’ll exercise more, spend more time doing something you love, or read more books than last year, consider adding some goals for your computer. Have you been meaning to back up your computer for months, but just never gotten around to it? Do you need […]

Tech Scams: How can I know if it’s legit or not?

tech scams alert

An error message appears on your screen. You’re trying to decide if it’s legitimate or not. Should you take action? Are you at risk? The following list conveys common aspects of fake alerts that can be classified as tech scams, scareware, and malware. Scareware screens are messages designed to be frightening that can draw you […]

Why We’re Thankful for Computers & All They Help Us Do

Thankful for Computers Turkey

At our repair shop, customers often come in frustrated over their nonfunctional computer, occasionally threatening to throw it out the window. We sympathize, knowing the inconvenience of error screens, malware, slowness, and just generally “not working the way it’s supposed to” when you have things you need to complete. But in the spirit of Thanksgiving, […]

Computer Self-Check & Privacy

Computer Self-Check Uncertain User

How well do you know the computer that you use? Have you ever given any thought to your privacy as you browse the web? Every now and again, it’s important to conduct a privacy and security check on your computer, other electronic devices, and accounts. This blog is a list of computer self-check questions you […]

Netiquette: Online Communication Tips

Netiquette wordcloud

Are you sure you want to say that? Do we really want a media page to be our go-to place for venting frustration? Is the picture of us complaining, fuming, or shouting from a soapbox really what we want the world to see? Let’s consider our etiquette on the web, sometimes called netiquette. Netiquette: Online […]

Unnecessary Toolbars as Malware

Unneccesary Toolbar Iminent

A common feature of malware that can get installed on your computer is unnecessary toolbars. They can make your browser run more slowly, especially as it opens up since it takes longer to load the extra “features” along with your homepage. One of the primary goals of these toolbars is to generate even more malware […]

Unexpected Shutdown: How it Affects your Computer

Unexpected Shutdown Power Menu

An unexpected shutdown can potentially harm your computer, which is why it is important to properly turn off your computer by going to the power options and selecting “shut down,” “restart,” or “sleep.” This allows the computer to make sure that any running programs are closed. If apps are still running, a notice will allow […]

Internet Security and Safety Course

Internet Security and Safety Course https

How can I keep my computer from getting a virus? How do I know if a link in an email is safe? If you’re asking these kinds of questions, you would benefit from PC Ninja’s Internet Security and Safety Course. Customers often comment on how difficult it seems to be to keep themselves safe online. […]