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Cloud computing demystified

cloud computing

Have you heard about Cloud computing? Cloud computing is the utilization of software or hardware through the internet. The software or hardware is housed at an external company’s server/site; as opposed to software/ hardware on your computer or business establishment. Neither software nor hardware has to be purchased, installed or maintained. Think about it as […]

Free PC software alternatives to save your pennies

Discs Free PC Software

Here is a list of FREE PC software programs you can download or use online. This could be a substitute to the purchasing expensive software programs; especially when you are saving your pennies in this economy. Alternatives to Microsoft Office Open Office Google Docs Zoho Docs Abiword (Word processing) Email (alternatives to Microsoft Outlook) Thunderbird […]

Web monitoring and control for your kids

If you’re looking for ways to control and restrict your kids from unwanted content or to ensure that your kids are surfing the web safely, here is a good web monitoring software for your Windows or Mac computer. It’s a free downloadable software called K9 Web Protection. K9 Web Protection allows you to thoroughly monitor […]